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Quality carpets do not have to cost the earth! We have a range of manufacturers to suit every budget and every need. Carpets for areas that have a high level of foot traffic and luxury deep pile carpets for areas where you may wish to relax.

We take the time to understand what is best for the amount of use the carpet will or will not have to take, whether it is going to be in an area where it might have to deal with muddy boots, pet traffic or if it is going to be a room to relax in where pets, shoes and possibly children are an no go area.

We are sure you may have an idea of the colour that you may wish and when viewing our showroom you may choose a carpet that is the colour you prefer but it is still best to tell us how much or little abuse it is going to get and what your budget may be. This ensures you do not buy a quality carpet that either does not last or at the same time we may be able to find an identical colour and feel but that will either be softer on the foot or stand a longer test of time for the same cost, if not less!

Featured Manufacturer - Victoria Carpets usually fit the bill for a quality carpet. Their range is highly extensive, high quality and very well priced. Click on their logo to view the vast majority of their carpet ranges.

For a full range of our quality carpet manufacturers, please click on the manufacturers link at the top of the page where you will find information about each.

Come to our Showroom in Merton Road, Wimbledon for a great range of quality carpets at low prices with good sound advice!

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